Trusted Autonomous Systems is Australia’s first Defence Cooperative Research Centre, and is uniquely equipped to deliver world-leading autonomous and robotic technologies to enable trusted and effective cooperation between humans and machines. Our aim is to improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industry.

Supporting Australia’s defence capability
Trusted Autonomous Systems, together with its inaugural participating members BAE Systems Australia, RMIT University, DefendTex and the Department of Defence, is developing the capacity of Australia’s defence industry to acquire, deploy and sustain the most advanced autonomous and robotic technology through:

  • delivering world-leading autonomous and robotic Defence technologies
  • building innovative IP through targeted research and technology programs
  • assisting Australian industry to develop new, improved and competitive autonomy technologies
  • evaluating the utility of autonomous systems through capability demonstrations.

Specifically, Trusted Autonomous Systems aims to:

  • develop highly self-sufficient and survivable systems *
  • develop highly self-determining and self-aware systems *
  • develop human-autonomy systems that are human and context aware
  • increase the speed to reach a deployable state for trusted autonomous systems
  • increase the scalability and reduce the cost of autonomous systems technology solutions
  • educate in the ethics and legal aspects of autonomous systems
  • advocate and form national policy and regulations.
* May be human piloted but never needs to be. If in trouble seeks human assistance. If assistance not forthcoming goes into a safe mode of operation.

How we work
Trusted Autonomous Systems fosters collaboration between Australia’s defence industry and research organisations and aims to increase small and medium enterprise participation in its collaborative research to improve the research capabilities of the Australian defence industry.

Established under the Next Generation Technologies Fund, with $50 million invested over seven years, the Defence CRC aims to deliver trustworthy smart-machine technologies for new defence capabilities based on advanced human-machine teaming.

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