About Trusted Autonomous Systems

Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS) is Australia’s first Defence Cooperative Research Centre. We are uniquely equipped to deliver research into world-leading autonomous and robotic technologies to enable trusted and effective cooperation between humans and machines.

Supporting Australia’s defence capability

Trusted Autonomous Systems, together with its participants and the Department of Defence, is developing the capacity of Australia’s defence industry to acquire, deploy, and sustain the advanced autonomous and robotic technology by:

  • delivering world-leading autonomous and robotic Defence technologies
  • building innovative IP through targeted research and technology programs
  • assisting Australian industry to develop new, improved and competitive autonomy technologies, and
  • evaluating the utility of autonomous systems through capability demonstrations.

Ethics, law, and assurance of autonomy

TAS is undertaking two common-good activities. These activities are the Ethics & Law of Autonomous Systems and Assurance of Autonomy.

Our Ethics & Law and Assurance of Autonomy Activities work to deliver common good resources to key stakeholders and the wider autonomous systems sector. They are building the ethical, legal, and regulatory infrastructure necessary to support the use of trusted autonomous systems into the future.

How we work

Trusted Autonomous Systems fosters collaboration between Australia’s Defence industry and research organisations. We aim to increase small and medium enterprise participation in its collaborative research and improve the research capabilities of Australian Defence industry.

Established under the Next Generation Technologies Fund, with $50 million invested over seven years in addition to other government funding, Trusted Autonomous Systems aims to deliver trustworthy smart-machine technologies for new Defence capabilities based on advanced human-machine teaming.

Our leadership team

Glen Schafer

Glen Schafer

Dr Simon Ng

Dr Simon Ng

Chief Technology Officer