Welcome to the TASDCRC Game-Changer Blog

Dear Readers,

To ensure timely updates on Trusted Autonomous Systems work we are starting this Blog version of Game-Changer news for public information. Posts will generally be accompanied by Twitter @tasdcrc or LinkedIn TASDCRC releases. Given the nature of our Centre, bringing together Defence, Industry and Research for the benefit of the ADF we also welcome Game-Changer contributions from our Participants to provide broader awareness of progress and opportunities.

After nearly 12-months at the helm of the Centre I am proud of our achievements. Research and development is well underway and although most projects are in their early stages, much promise has been demonstrated. Engagement of Defence at all levels has increased, with new technologies being accelerated and developed under a new direct ADF funding model. We now have many Research Fellows and Research Associates attached to the Centre’s “common good” activities as well as projects and we will be featuring them and their fields of research through this Blog.

The Centre was subject to an external detailed review in February 2020 by an expert panel led by Prof Ian Chubb (ex Chief Scientist of Australia). The outlook of that report now received by the Centre’s board, is highly supportive and encouraging Centre growth as a trusted Defence partner. I expect to advise more detail on the outcomes and directions from that soon.

Unfortunately it was necessary to postpone our inaugural Symposium in May 2020 due to COVID-19, but we look forward to hosting this event 27-29 April 2021 in Townsville. The Centre has been engaged in many Webinars and seminars over the last few months, directly and through our common-good Activities. These have included, leading the Australian Robotics Roadmap development for Defence; as well as the Safety and Trust chapters. Also, recently in support of the Centre for Naval Analyses Seminar with the US, where I had the privilege of being on a panel with former US Deputy Secretary of Defence the Honorable Robert Work, former IARPA Director Dr Jason Matheny and Dr Lawrence Lewis of CNA in Washington DC.

I look forward to keeping you posted more regularly on the work of our Centre.

Professor Jason Scholz
Trusted Autonomous Systems CEO