Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Artificial Intelligence Matrix

Please complete this webform by Thursday 14 April.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS) invite Australian Defence Industry focused on Robotics, Autonomous Systems & Artificial Intelligence (RASAI) to complete the survey below.

What will responses be used for?

Survey content is intended for use in a RASAI Defence Industry Matrix and examples of similar Austrade publications are available here The Australian Defence Industry Cyber Capability Matrix is the closest example. 

Please answer as many questions as possible without overstating capability. Austrade and TAS may undertake a validation and verification process including other experts in the field prior to content being included in the publication.   

Who should complete this survey?

Complete this survey if you/your organisation is:

  • A company or individual working on robotics, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence in Australia; and
  • You have a Defence focus; and
  • Your products are export ready; and
  • You are interested in Austrade promoting your products.

Taxonomy for RASAI

We have provided the taxonomy below to guide responses to this survey. Click here for a PDF version.

RASAI taxonomy by Jason Scholz

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