• Facilitating pivotal investments in breakthrough autonomy technologies for the Australian Defence Force

  • Guiding sovereign next generation technologies to stimulate transformational change for our alliances

  • Linking Defence, industry and researchers to create enduring impact

Australian Defence is on the eve of its most significant technological opportunity in modern history

Autonomous systems for air, land, sea, space, cyber and electromagnetic environments offer the potential to enhance Australia’s critical and scarce manned platforms and soldiers.

Realising this requires leaders in Defence, Industry, and Science and Technology with ambition and an appetite for risk in affecting high-impact and disruptive change.

A new era for the Australian defence industry

Who can participate in Trusted Autonomous Systems?

Organisations can apply to become a Trusted Autonomous Systems participant to gain access to funding along with new opportunities for collaboration between defence, industry and research organisations.

We are committed to:

  • helping develop next generation technologies for Australia’s defence and national security sectors
  • increasing SME participation in collaborative research
  • enhancing and furthering the research skills and capabilities in the Australian defence industry
  • improving the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of the Australian defence industry.
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