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TAS Article and Video Presentation – Second Line of Defence article, The Eco-System for Next Generation Autonomous Systems and Shaping a Way Ahead for the ADF

TAS the main focus of Second Line of Defence article, ‘The Eco-System for Next Generation Autonomous Systems and Shaping a Way Ahead for the ADF‘, based on CEO Prof. Jason Scholz presentation at the Williams Foundation earlier this year (Robbin Laird, 3 June 21).   The video of Prof.Scholz presentation is available on the Sir […]

Video series – Introduction to ethical robotics, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence (RAS-AI) in Defence and pragmatic tools to manage these risks.

by Dr Kate Devitt, Chief Scientist, Trusted Autonomous Systems   “Military ethics should be considered as a core competency that needs to be updated and refreshed if it is to be maintained” Inspector General ADF, 2020, p.508 The Centre for Defence Leadership & Ethics Australian Defence College has commissioned Trusted Autonomous Systems to produce videos […]

International Weapons Review delivering Law for AI Basics workshops, part of the TAS Ethics Uplift Program

Article 36 of Additional Protocol 1 (1977) of the Geneva Convention (1949) requires: “In the study, development, acquisition or adoption of a new weapon, means or method of warfare, a High Contracting Party is under an obligation to determine whether its employment would, in some or all circumstances, be prohibited by this Protocol or by […]

New TAS project to develop an Australian Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Survey and Operation of Autonomous and Remotely Operated Vessels in 2021

By Rachel Horne – Assurance of Autonomy Lead/Director of Autonomy Accreditation – Maritime Autonomous systems technology offers the ability to increase safety and efficiency, while lowering economic and environmental cost. While some level of autonomy has been seen in commercial products for a number of years, for example the basic thermostat or the Roomba, in […]

HAPS Challenge Announced

INNOVATION CHALLENGE SEEKS IDEAS FOR DEVELOPING PSEUDO-SATELLITES LOCALLY ‘The High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) Challenge is seeking Australian Industry and research interest in developing novel ideas and solutions to a capability gap. It aims to energise Australian development of key technologies and to support development of Australian HAPS that have the station-keeping capability and endurance […]

A Method for Ethical AI in Defence

Today the Australian Department of Defence released ‘A Method for Ethical AI in Defence’ an outcome of a workshop in 2019 attended by over 100 representatives from Defence, other Australian government agencies, industry, academia, international organisations and media. The workshop was facilitated by Defence Science & Technology Group, RAAF Plan Jericho and Trusted Autonomous Systems […]