RAS Gateway and CoP Survey

Do you use any TAS regulatory resources or tools? Click here to access our new survey, and tell us how they’ve helped, or what would make them better.

Over the past four years, Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS) has worked with government, Defence, industry and academic stakeholders to develop ‘public good’ regulatory resources. These are intended to help people involved in designing, testing and using autonomous systems better understand and navigate regulatory frameworks.

These include the RAS-Gateway and Australian Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Survey and Operation of Autonomous and Remotely Operated Vessels  – developed in partnership with the Queensland Government through its Assurance of Autonomy (A2) initiative.

So that we can make sure these resources remain relevant and available into the future,  TAS  is conducting a survey on how and why people access the RAS-Gateway and Australian Code of Practice.

Do you have 10 minutes to complete the survey? It is available here until 8 April 2024. If you can, please share the survey with your colleagues and networks too.

We’ll keep you updated on the results and next steps.

Need more information?

You can view the RAS-Gateway and Australian Code of Practice by visiting www.rasgateway.com.au.

You can also get more information on the survey, or any of TAS’ resources by contacting info@tasdcrc.com.au.