TAS participant Mission Systems finalise large order with Exail for sonar simulation data

Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS) are extremely pleased to see our participant company Mission Systems announced as providing ‘large-scale simulated sonar data’ to Exail. TAS have partnered with Mission Systems on several elements of innovative ground, aerial and maritime research. In this example, existing Mission Systems work through the Defence Innovation Hub was accelerated through our SeaWolf program.

While our SeaWolf pilot program has concluded, the research investment continues to pay dividends with Mission Systems contributing to Exail’s SEA 1905 Mine Counter Measures (MCM) bid. SeaWolf success also continues for Cellula Robotics Ltd with ongoing work partnered with BAE Systems on the XLAUV Herne.

Mission Systems Dr David Battle will be speaking at IndoPacific 2023 on the research in addition to many other TAS partners and staff, our CTO Dr Simon Ng and GM Law, Regulation and Assurance Rachel Horne at AAUS Conference: Autonomy in the Maritime Domain.

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